5 Benefits of Healthy Indoor Air Quality and Temperatures

We don’t always stop to appreciate the importance of healthy indoor air quality and temperatures.

It could be because the impact of these conditions isn’t always readily apparent. However, given how much time we spend indoors, the climate of a home or business is an important matter.

Over time, poor air quality and improper temperatures will take their toll. You’ll feel the impact on your health, your surroundings, and your belongings. 

On the flip side, setting the controls properly will set you up for a greater sense of wellbeing, and an environment where both living and inanimate objects will be better off. 

What Constitutes Proper Indoor Air Quality?

There are a few important properties of air quality that any home or business should have. Being mindful of these is wise for creating a healthy indoor environment.

First off, the air coming through your vents may not always be completely clean. Particles of dust and debris may be present, even if they’re not visible to the naked eye. Though you can’t see them, you’ll feel their effects inevitably, unless the debris is filtered out before the air is pushed through.

It’s also important for air to have the right amount of moisture. Too much will lead to a humid and sticky feeling, while too little can present its own problems to the people and property in the area.

Finally, air should be set at the correct temperature on the HVAC system. Even if you’re trying to counterbalance what nature is doing outside, going too far to one extreme can strain the system and your surroundings. 

What Are the Benefits of Healthier Air?

No matter the size or shape of the location, healthier air quality is always a plus. While different facilities may require different setups to achieve it, cleaner air and proper temperatures can result in valuable benefits like these.

1. A Healthier Environment for People

The air we breathe is paramount to our wellbeing. While it’s easy to assume that all indoor air is equal, this isn’t the case. 

Whether you’re a homeowner with a family or a business owner with team members and customers, you may see some signs the air everyone is breathing is unhealthy. Those who breathe in contaminated air may experience symptoms like:

  • Coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing
  • Sinus pressure or headaches 
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Nausea and dizziness

Just as air travels through a building, it travels through the body. Healthier air is kinder to the sinuses, lungs, and skin. Especially when people will be in an environment for a long time, keeping the air clean should be a top priority. 

2. Animals Will Stay Healthier Too

While it’s easy to think that our HVAC system only works for us, our pets are affected by it too. Even if they’re not as temperature sensitive as we are, they also need clean air to breathe.

For homes with a family pet or two, investing in clean air helps you keep your furry friends healthier so they can run, play, and be a part of your family for longer. 

While this may seem like a priority only for residential facilities, some commercial facilities are pet friendly. If you’re going to be welcoming in the cats, dogs, and other assorted animals of your customers and employees, you may as well create a healthy space for them.

3. Your Plants Will Grow and Thrive

Plants are a popular decorative item for homes and businesses. They’re a nice aesthetic choice for almost any setting, and they even have an effect on air quality themselves.

Because of this, giving them a healthy environment to grow in creates even more support for the cause of better breathability. We all know that soil, water, and sunshine are key elements of healthy plant growth, but it should also be mentioned that air quality plays a role.

The debris in the air can irritate plant stems and leaves just as it irritates humans and animals. In addition, air that’s too dry can dry out plants even if they’re watered regularly. On the other side, air that’s too moist can potentially cause a plant to get too much water in total.

4. A Proper Place to Store Belongings

You depend on your home or business to be a safe place to store your property. Whether it’s personal items or company inventory, you want to ensure your belongings are kept safe from harm.

But even if they’re locked down from outside access, they could still be at risk. Dirty or damp air can cause many types of damage, including:

  • Paint chipping
  • Color fading
  • Material warping

Everything from clothing to electronics to cookware to furniture are all better off in an environment with better air quality and appropriate temperatures. 

5. Safeguard Interior Surfaces

Not all of the property you own is individual items that you can move around. You also want to protect the surfaces of the area you’re in, whether it’s your house or your business.

Walls, floors, and ceilings can wear down quickly if they’re in poor conditions. While some people think that regular cleanings are enough, the air quality and temperature of a building can create the same issues as it can for your personal belongings.

The difference here is that peeling, cracking, or warping surfaces can create entirely new problems. If this happens on the floor, it creates a tripping hazard. If it happens on the ceiling, leaks could start. Keeping your indoor air quality and temperatures at the right level will protect you from safety concerns both inside and out.

Let Cold Factor Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The proper HVAC setup can work wonders for your home or business. With the correct settings, you’ll maintain comfortable temperatures and healthy indoor air quality.

This type of environment is not just good for you – it’s good for all living beings around you, as well as your property and the building as a whole.  

Keeping these conditions is a long-term project. It’s something that requires a proper system installed by trained technicians, along with regular upkeep to make sure everything is running as it should.

Cold Factor brings 25+ years of experience to the job – let our highly trained team of licensed and insured experts help you create the comfortable and safe indoor environment you deserve for your home or business. Contact us today to get started.  


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