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As you probably already know, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The entire HVAC system refers to the equipment designed and installed to move air throughout your home and maintain heating and cooling temperatures. If one part falls short of performance, the whole system can malfunction. We know this because we’re professional HVAC technicians serving The Colony and entire surrounding metropolitan areas.

If your HVAC system is dysfunctional, it can cause discomfort in your living and working environment, risks to your health, dangers to your home or office building, and shorten the life of your units and other components. That’s why it’s so important to schedule regular maintenance and make repairs as soon as they arise. At Cold Factor, we offer a wide-range of HVAC services for residential and commercial buildings, which you can find below.

AC Maintenance and Repair in The Colony

Maintaining your air conditioner protects your home or building from humidity, pollutants, and stabilizes cool air temperatures inside. It does this by sucking hot air out of a building through a chemical called refrigerant. It sends it back to your unit where it’s dispersed outside. It’s not as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of other mechanics involving a compressor, condenser coils, blower, etc., but we won’t bore you with technicality. 

Regular maintenance by expert technicians can ensure all these parts are working together fluidly. We’ll ensure they’re in good condition, functioning properly, and remove any debri or objects that have fallen in or around your AC that may cause problems. We’ll inform you of any needed repairs and can fix it on the spot. 

Heater Maintenance and Repair

The mechanics of a heating system often work the same as an air conditioner except instead of returning cool air inside, it returns hot air. You may use a heat pump, gas furnace, electric furnace, or other type of heating system. We’re highly trained in various types of heating sources so rest assured we have the know-how, skill, and equipment to take care of your heating needs. 

Your heating system may be located inside your house. Considering the heating elements that are involved and the type that you use, like gas, there are huge risks that can happen like gas leaks, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. That’s why you should get your heater checked at least once a year and have a well-equipped and trained HVAC technician do the work.

HVAC Services

Even a simple problem, like clogged air filters, can slowly deteriorate your system causing more damage, wasting more money, and an unpleasant living or working environment. You know all the moving parts of this complex system but who has time to investigate it all? 

At Cold Factor, we do! Our technicians are licensed, certified, and thorough with their HVAC inspections. We’re able to detect significant problems with our specialized equipment and often have the tools to fix problems on the spot. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are often an overlooked factor of your heating and cooling system. Yet, they play a significant role including equally distributing heat or cool air, conserving energy, and maintaining good air quality. 

You can quickly and sufficiently get your air ducts clean with our professional technicians. We use a specialized vacuum to completely suck out any foreign substances or objects obstructing clean and normal air flow. We’ll check the condition and installation of your filters. We can also ensure your vents are opened and undamaged.

AC and Heater Installations

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business that’s in need of a unit replacement or brand new HVAC installation, count on our professional technicians to get the job done right in record time.

We don’t rush through our work and we don’t cut corners. We are proficient and efficient though. We’re factory trained on all major brands but not affiliated with any. We can help you select quality and cost-effective AC and heating units based on your needs. We’ll properly install it, make sure it’s up to code, and check it before we leave to ensure it’s running as it should.

Air Quality Services

Concerned about your indoor air quality? Pollutants inside can be 5x more prevalent than outside, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. You can help protect the air you breathe with lifestyle choices like avoiding aerosols, using eco-friendly household cleaners, and using electric instead of gas appliances. However, sometimes it’s inevitable for your indoor air to contain harmful contaminants. 

That’s where we come in to check your air quality levels. We do this using devices with advanced technology. We can detect abnormal levels of harmful pollutants, find the source, and provide a solution so you can live without worry.

Smart Home Services

Smart home automation is on the rise. As they continue to gain popularity, more devices and features are being rolled out. For many, it’s a smart investment and adds convenience and peace of mind. We’ve installed a countless number of smart home devices for our customers who are reaping the benefits of this fairly new technology. We’ll be happy to go over available options and help you through setup after installation.

About The Colony

Small but vibrant, life doesn’t get any better when you live in The Colony. From Grandscape to Hawaiian Falls, to a gorgeous real estate market, and a pristine landscape, The Colony has it all for all ages.

Incorporated in 1979, The Colony has a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s, including recruiting new settlers with free land and a revengeful attack known as Hedgcoxe War. It eventually developed into the lively suburb it is today after the engineering of Lewisville Lake. 

Ranked 9th best place to live in Denton County by Niche, the area attracts a lot of young families who are happy homeowners. Ensuring they’re homes and offices are comfortable and safe makes our around the clock HVAC services worth it. 

Schedule Professional HVAC Services in The Colony

For over 20 years, our local second-generation HVAC company has been delivering high quality heating and cooling services to the folks living and working in The Colony. Our solutions are long-term and energy-efficient. Your HVAC system is important. Entrust it with reputable and reliable technicians. Call Cold Factor today: 469-535-6530.


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