Tips for Choosing an Air Duct Cleaner in Texas

Are you choosing an air duct cleaner in Texas? Cold Factor shares what you need to be looking for when you are choosing a air duct cleaner.

Why is cleaning air ducts important? If your air ducts are not properly installed or maintained, they can be contaminated with dust, pollen, mold, and other types of debris. This can cause allergic reactions and other potential health issues.

One thing that can help prevent this is by hiring an air duct cleaning company. Still, it is important to do your research to find the best air duct cleaners and to get the best results.

Do you want to learn how you can find the right professionals for cleaning air ducts? Keep reading these top tips to follow when you are selecting a company to work with!

Consider Duct Cleaning Experience

One of the first things you need to consider before you hire air duct cleaners is how much duct cleaning experience they have. This is important, as it will help you avoid hiring unqualified companies to work in your home.

One way that you can learn more about their duct cleaning experience is by asking the company how long they have been in business. If they have been cleaning air ducts for years, it shows that they have plenty of experience in the industry and that they are reputable in your community.

You should also be sure that your HVAC company specializes in duct cleaning. If it is a service that is listed on their site, they will likely have more experience cleaning ducts and will provide you with higher quality cleaning services.

Check Online Customer Reviews

Next, you need to learn more about the reputation of an air duct cleaning company before you hire them. This way, you can learn more about the company and whether or not past clients have been happy with their work.

One easy way to learn about a company’s reputation is by checking online customer reviews. If a company has mostly negative reviews, it should be a red flag for you.

Similarly, you can look at other platforms, like the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has had any serious complaints against them.

Ask About the Cleaning Process

It is also important that you learn more about the cleaning process before you hire a duct cleaning company. First, you should ask them to explain their cleaning methods and how long they will take. This way, you can be sure they clean your ducts thoroughly.

You should also ask them to explain how they prepare your home for the cleaning process. Cleaning your air ducts can be very messy. To protect your home, you should find a company that uses drop cloths to protect your flooring and furnishings.

They should also use plastic to protect your walls from dust and other debris.

Finally, you should ensure that they prioritize your safety during the cleaning. Ask a company what they will do to make sure your family, pets, and home are safe during the cleaning.

Offers a Free Inspection

Another sign of a high-quality company is one that will offer you a free inspection. This will help you determine if your ducts actually need to be cleaned or not.

During this inspection, your duct cleaning company can also tell you whether or not there is mold in your ducts. However, you may want to get a second opinion, as some companies will claim that you have mold in your ducts and will charge you a lot of money to remove the mold.

By getting a free inspection, you can avoid getting your ducts cleaned when it is not necessary and you can potentially save money on these services.

Ask For References

Something else that can help you find a high-quality air duct cleaning company is by asking them for references. When you are having a contractor work in your home, you need to make sure they know exactly what they are doing.

A reputable company will be willing to provide you with references for their past clients. By contacting each of these people, you can ask them about their experience working with the company and see if they would recommend their services.

Similarly, you can ask local friends or family members for recommendations. If your neighbor has recently had their ducts cleaned, you can ask them about their experience and see if they would recommend the company that they used.

Find a Licensed and Insured Company

Next, it is vital that you find a licensed air duct cleaner. This is an important qualification to have, as it shows that they had the proper training and qualifications to become licensed in your state.

It is also essential to find an insured company. Whenever you have someone working in your home, there is a risk that they will cause damage to your home or that a technician is injured on your property.

If you hire a company that is not insured, you may be held liable for these accidents. You may have to pay for damage done to your home and you may even be held financially responsible for the employee’s injuries.

To prevent this from happening, you should always ask your duct cleaning company for written proof that they are insured.

Make Sure They’re Part of the NADCA

Before hiring a company to clean your air ducts, you also need to make sure they are part of the NADCA. This is also known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, which shows that the company is trained properly and is compliant.

It will also prove that they can safely evaluate, clean, and maintain your HVAC systems.

Both the EPA and the NADCA have standards for cleaning air ducts, so having a contractor that is a NADCA member will show that they meet these requirements and that they will follow high standards when cleaning your air ducts.

Get Several Pricing Estimates

Something else that can make it easy to find a company that fits your budget is getting pricing estimates from several different companies. Comparing cleaning costs will help you shop around and find a company that fits your budget!

When you choose a company to work with, you should also confirm that the price they quoted is actually what you will pay. Some duct cleaning companies will use bait-and-switch pricing practices. Even if they quote you a low price, they may charge you a higher price after they complete the service.

To prevent this, make sure you get the quote in writing.

Ask About Their Cleaning Products & Equipment

Another important thing to consider before you choose an air duct cleaner is what cleaning products and equipment they use. Because air duct cleaning is meant to protect your family from harmful contaminants in the air, you should make sure your cleaning company doesn’t use biocides or harmful chemicals to clean your ducts.

Make sure you only hire a company that uses EPA-approved chemicals for air duct systems.

You should also learn more about the equipment that your cleaning company uses! Make sure your company uses professional-quality equipment.

If you have flex-ducts, you should also ensure that your HVAC company doesn’t use bristle brushes to scrape the dust off the ducts. If they do, the brushes can easily tear through your flex-ducts and cause air leaks.

Lastly, make sure your duct cleaning company uses a professional, fully-functional vacuum during the process. Otherwise, they may leave more dirt behind in your ducts than you started with.

Get a Visual Inspection After Completion

Finally, you need to make sure your air duct cleaning company will offer you a visual inspection of your ducts after they clean them. Because you are unable to see the inside of your ducts, it can be difficult to determine if they are really clean.

If you have to take the company’s word for it, you won’t be able to tell if they thoroughly cleaned your ducts.

Instead, you should shop around until you find a company that will offer a visual inspection of the completed work. This way, you will see before and after pictures and can be confident that they completed the cleaning in your home.

Need Help With Air Duct Cleaning?

When you are hiring air duct cleaners, it is important that you do plenty of research to find the best company to work with. By considering each of these factors, you will be able to find a professional and reliable company for your air duct cleaning.

Are you looking for ductwork cleaners for your home? Cold Factor can help! Our team of HVAC experts provides everything from air duct cleaning to AC repair, installation, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our duct cleaning experience and to request an appointment with our technicians.


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