6 Signs Your Heater Needs to be Repaired

Cold Factor explains the signs your heater needs to be repaired. Cold Factor can help you with your heating services.

Your home’s heating system needs to be working at optimal levels throughout the winter so you don’t spend even one day in discomfort. The nights are getting chillier and you’re likely depending more and more on your heating system. When it’s on the fritz and isn’t working properly, it’s important to get it looked at right away by a heating repair technician in Lewisville TX.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know their heating system requires a repair until it stops working completely. Now, you’re facing an emergency situation that could cost you a lot of money, time and headaches. There are some signs you can keep an eye out for so you can get the necessary repair or replacement done before the situation spirals out of control. If you spot any of these signs, call a pro right away.

1.  Burning Smell

One of the most common signs that your heater is on the fritz is a foul burning odor. If you smell this odor when turning on your system, this is a red flag that you need a repair. This could indicate a damaged part within the heating system or it could be the result of burning plastic or rubber components.

You can try changing your filter to see if that helps, but if not, call a technician immediately to troubleshoot the issue and fix it for good.

2.  Weird Noises

Heating systems shouldn’t be very noisy when in operation. You’ve probably become accustomed to the noises your system makes, so if you hear a loud, sudden, unusual or weird noise when the system is on, have it checked out right away. Listen for screeching, banging, or grinding sounds, which could signal a broken, loose or detached internal component that needs to be replaced.

3.  Higher Energy Bills

Regular maintenance of your heating system is the best way to prevent costly repairs from cropping up unexpectedly. It also helps to improve the efficiency of your system, which in turn reduces your energy costs.

If you have noticed a higher than usual energy bill, your heating system could be to blame. You may need a replacement with a more energy-efficient model. You will be amazed at the difference an eco-friendly model makes – not only in performance but in your monthly energy bills as well.

4.  Compressor Runs Constantly or Short-Cycles

These issues are a sign of a serious underlying problem. Short cycling is when your system becomes over heated and stops suddenly. When the compressor runs constantly, it’s taking too long for the heating system to get up to a comfortable temperature. Letting either of these problems go without treatment can damage your system and lead to higher energy bills for you in the end.

5.  Uneven Heat Distribution

If you have noticed uneven distribution of heat throughout your house, this is a sign of a faulty system. Some rooms or areas of big rooms may stay cooler than the rest of the area, even when the heat is on.  You could remedy this by adding another layer of insulation around windows and doors. But if that doesn’t work, call a heating technician in Flower Mound who can troubleshoot the issue and make a recommendation.

6.  Dust in the Filter

Your furnace has a filter that traps dust and allergens so you don’t breathe all that in. Good indoor air quality is crucial when it comes to protecting your family’s health. Too much dirt and dust in the air can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

You have to change the filter on a regular basis or else the filter gets clogged with debris and can’t do its job properly. It’s fairly easy to change your filters. Just set up a schedule and mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget. If you need assistance changing your filters, ask your heating technician to do it for you. At the same time, that professional can be on the lookout for any potential problems that should be addressed.

So, if you have experienced any of the above issues, be sure to get the problem looked at before winter truly sets in. You don’t want to be without heat on those chilly nights!

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