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Flower Mound

Our Flower Mound HVAC technicians have helped people and businesses live better and save money with professional HVAC services including:

  • AC Maintenance and Repair
  • Heater Maintenance and Repair
  • HVAC Services
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • AC and Heater Installations
  • Air Quality Services
  • Smart Home Services

Professional HVAC Technicians in Flower Mound

Our team is highly proficient and educated in the technical work that’s required for proper installations and repairs on your heating and cooling systems. They’ll show up on time on the job site with all the necessary tools needed to complete the task the same day. In fact, 95% of the jobs we do are completed right there on the spot. Read on to learn more about our professional HVAC services in Flower Mound.

AC Maintenance and Repair

Every year you should have your air conditioner serviced to ensure the parts are in good shape and working smoothly together for sound efficiency. It gets hot quickly in Flower Mound so schedule your appointment in early spring. 

Our professional AC technicians work with all major brands. They’ll arrive on site with the proper equipment to fully service your AC and make repairs as needed. You can get your AC back up and running with our same-day service with complete transparency of our work and fees. 

Heater Maintenance and Repair

Although it’s rare for Flower Mound to dip below freezing temperatures, colder weather can cause destruction if your heater is not working well or breaks down altogether. Your pipes could burst, your heating bill could be astronomical, it can be uncomfortable and extremely dangerous for vulnerable occupants. 

Before winter hits, get your heater serviced to ensure it’s prepared to work efficiently through colder temps. Our expert technicians can check and use diagnostic testing on your heating unit and ventilation. They can also inspect your filters, ductwork, and ensure your thermostat is in good shape. As temperatures fall more at night, this can be straining on your heater and make it more vulnerable to failing. We’re available 24/7 for emergency heater repairs so you can feel at ease knowing help is on the way.

HVAC Services

Our HVAC services in Flower Mound cover all the bases of your entire system and other factors that could influence its operation. Using advanced industry equipment, we’ll conduct thorough tests to check proper airflow and ventilation along with your heating and cooling systems. We provide in-depth inspections on your indoor and outdoor units as well as detecting leaks, faults, old parts, etc. 

We’re fully trained on all major appliances, tools, techniques and well-versed in new industry technology. We can inform you of the best, most reliable, and most energy efficient products on the market so you won’t have the fear of missing out. Whether you’re a homeowner or business and need HVAC services in Flower Mound, count on us for your maintenance, repairs, or installation needs.

Air Duct Cleaning

Nothing is impossible, unless you try to clean your air ducts yourself. The narrow passages and intertwining system makes it very difficult for the average person to clean it completely. That’s why technicians are called in to do the job. We have specialized equipment to quickly extract harmful contaminants entirely. We can also check for any defects and ensure proper airflow is back to normal. 

AC and Heater Installations

Our professional technicians are licensed and skilled to install all major brands of air conditioners and heaters. We adhere to special specifications of buildings and develop a plan that’ll be most beneficial to your needs. There are several options out there that we’ll be happy to discuss. We provide FREE estimates on new equipment as well as financing plans so you can feel comfortable with your decision.

Air Quality Services

According to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, indoor air pollutants can be 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants and it could be worse in the winter. Aerosols, pet dander, dirt, and so much more can be hindering your air quality. Poor indoor air quality is cause for concern, especially for your health.

The team at Cold Factor can quickly assess the air quality in your home or place of business. We can identify sources that are impacting your air and find safe and cost-effective solutions. It could be something major like a crack in your air ducts or something as simple as replacing your air filters. You won’t know for sure until you speak with a professional.

Smart Home Services

Technology advances have made homeownership easier to manage. Systems, like Nexia Home, make it super convenient for people to keep tabs on their HVAC systems and address concerns as soon as they come up. It’s a smart choice for businesses as well. It provides safety and comfort for employees and customers while keeping this area of overhead costs in check.

Serving the Flower Mound Community

Back in the 1800s, settlers came across a mound 50 feet high and spanning 12.5 acres with the most beautiful and abundant wildflowers. Hence the name Flower Mound.

Situated between Grapevine Lake and Lewisville Lake, there are endless outdoor recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and so much more! The friendly residents, serene environment, and continuous economic growth make it a perfect place to live, work, and play. 

Contact Cold Factor

Cold Factor is proud to offer premier heating and air services in Flower Mound. Our HVAC technicians are licensed, knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped with advanced tools and equipment to efficiently maintain, install, and repair components of your HVAC system. Call us today to schedule an appointment: 469-778-4600.


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