When to Get Residential AC Installation in Lewisville and How to Prepare

If the Texas heat is getting a little too toasty, you may be considering getting a new AC installation in Lewisville.

It’s important to know when it’s time to upgrade and how to prepare for the installation process. Sometimes you upgrade by necessity, but other times it’s a matter of getting more value from your AC setup.

Upgrading to a new AC system can make a huge difference in your home’s comfort level and your energy bills. It can also help you when you’re expanding your residence or just looking to improve your quality of life.

Here we’ll discuss the situations and opportunities that indicate you may need a new AC installation in Lewisville. We’ll also touch on how to prepare for this upgrade, and what to look for in an installer.

Whether you’re a first-time AC buyer or looking to upgrade your current system, you only want to turn to the top AC companies in Lewisville, TX. Cold Factor brings the experience and expertise necessary to set up your new system in a timely and affordable manner.

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10 Instances When You May Need AC Installation in Lewisville

The prospect of bringing in a new AC unit can be exciting. It’s out with the old, and in with the new – and such a move could help you create a much more enjoyable indoor environment.

Your AC system is an essential appliance for keeping your home comfortable, especially when the temperature rises. Getting a new one can be a big step, but there are some situations where it can provide big benefits. Here are 10 instances when you may need to upgrade your AC setup.

1 – Your Current System Needs Repairs Often

Everyone needs AC service in Lewisville from time to time. Regular inspections are vital to a unit’s functioning, and even periodic repairs are normal. A few part replacements and swaps throughout the course of the year can be manageable. But what if it goes beyond that?

In some cases, it’s the cumulative cost of repairs that makes an upgrade the better long-term investment. In others, it’s the recurring downtime and constant worry that your system will fail you. If it’s limping along, it’s likely near the end of its lifespan and should be upgraded.

2 – Your Current System is Old

Even if your AC system rarely needs repairs, it could still be at risk. Once it reaches a certain age, even the most trustworthy and consistent machine can experience a slew of problems that ultimately leads to its failure.

If your current AC unit is over ten years old, it’s time to start connecting with AC companies in Lewisville TX about a replacement. This could be a chance to try out new brands, or if you’re partial to the one you have, you could inquire about an advanced model.

3 – Your AC’s Cooling Power Has Diminished

Home is where the heart is. And if you live in Lewisville, TX, it’s also where the heat is. Peak summer temperatures can reach near the triple digits. Even if your AC is still running, chances are that age and wear have diminished the cooling capacity to some extent.

If you notice that your current AC unit is not providing enough cooling for your home, it may be time to upgrade. It’s also important to note that this diminished performance can happen so slowly that it’s hard to detect. Sometimes the age test alone is enough to tell whether an upgrade could keep you cooler.

4 – R-22 is Present in Your System

R-22 refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, is being phased out due to its negative impact on the environment. If your AC unit uses R-22 refrigerant, it may be time to upgrade to a new unit that uses more environmentally friendly refrigerants.

This one is more of a personal choice, so talk with your trusted HVAC professional about your options for AC installation in Lewisville.

5 – You Want to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many newer AC models come with advanced air filtration systems. These can be useful for improving indoor air quality and reducing the amount of dust, allergens, and pollutants in your home or business. Better air quality can provide benefits such as:

  • Easier time breathing
  • Less skin irritation
  • Fewer sinus issues

Breathe easier and live healthier when you upgrade to a new AC unit with these features. You can also get standalone air-quality AC service in Lewisville if you like your current unit.

6 – You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value

A new cooling system will benefit a home for years – even if the current residents leave. An AC installation can increase the value of your property, especially if you plan on selling in the future.

Potential buyers are more likely to be interested in properties with newer and more energy-efficient AC systems. Not only do better systems equate to higher comfort levels, they often bring lower costs.

7 – You Want to Save Money and Energy

Speaking of savings, you can enjoy them yourself when you opt for a new AC installation in Lewisville. The combination of financial savings and sustainability initiatives translates into many benefits, like:

  • More money leftover after paying energy bills
  • Less of an impact on the environment
  • Reduction in the drain on your electrical system

Whether you’re hoping to reduce your energy footprint, reduce your energy bills, or reduce both at the same time, an AC upgrade could be the answer.

8 – You’re Adding Onto Your Home

If you’re making upgrades to your home, it’s only fitting to upgrade your AC as well. Maybe you’re adding on rooms or putting up walls to split rooms. Anything that broadens the area to be cooled or changes the pathway of airflow is grounds for an HVAC system upgrade.

The answer may not always be a bigger or more powerful system. Consider how having ducts installed, or getting the existing ducts cleaned could improve airflow to support a new layout.

9 – You’re Adding Outdoor Amenities

We often consider the AC unit an indoor appliance. But there are situations where it can help you cool down outside the home. Maybe you’re setting up a deck or patio area, and you want a spare system by the picnic table or your favorite reading spot.

What about if you’ve put up a guest house, pool house, or even a storage shed with important materials inside? Keeping these areas cool will keep them in better condition. Consider it a smart investment that will preserve and enhance your new add-ons.

10 – You Want to Reward Yourself

Sometimes the right occasion for an AC upgrade is whenever the mood strikes. Maybe you’re celebrating just moving into the house. Maybe you’ve landed a new job, hit a financial milestone, or simply just want a reward – we all need it once in a while.

Treating yourself to a massive home improvement like this will benefit your health, finances, and future. And after all, you deserve it!

You also deserve the absolute best service when getting your new AC installed. Not all AC companies in Lewisville TX bring the experience of Cold Factor. Contact us today to get a brand new AC system and a new standard in quality of service. 

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How to Prepare for Your Lewisville AC Installation

Once you’ve decided you want to make an upgrade, the next step is to find the company that can help you.

Don’t worry if you haven’t picked a specific system yet. We can help you choose, both by making suggestions and providing answers to your questions about features and costs. Factors to keep in mind when inquiring about a system include:

  • The size of your home
  • Your budget for AC installation
  • Your current energy bills and savings goals
  • Different types of AC systems
  • The power requirements your home can handle
  • Specific features and brands you’re interested in

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to narrow down your selection and pick a new AC unit for your home. Only certified technicians from reputable AC companies in Lewisville TX should install these units.

Why to Avoid DIY AC Installation

We get the appeal of performing your own AC installation in Lewisville. You may be familiar with your home, and you may see the DIY approach as a way to save money or time. However, this is not advised, as it comes with several significant risks.

Those who install their own system could:

  • Fail to set the unit up correctly
  • Damage their residence in the process
  • Forget to insulate and seal the system properly
  • Skip over testing and performance checks
  • Overlook serious safety concerns

The last point especially is why you’ll want to hire a professional AC service in Lewisville. Not only could you mess up your system by trying to install a unit alone, but you could also injure yourself or others.

Consider threats such as electrical hazards and refrigerant leaks. With a licensed and insured member of the Cold Factor team at your service, you, your system, and everyone at your residence will be safer.

Setting Up for a Home AC Installation

Preparing for HVAC specialists to install your new AC system can help ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

The first step is to choose the right location for the air conditioning unit. Typically, the unit is installed outside the house, on a flat and stable surface, preferably in a shaded area. You should also make sure that the area around the unit is clear and free of any obstacles that could obstruct the airflow.

If the installation team needs to work inside your home, make sure they have easy access to the area where the AC unit will be installed. Make sure you’re available during the installation process in case the installation team needs to ask you any questions or provide updates on the progress of the installation.

Other helpful tips to prepare for the installation include:

  • Keeping pets in a separate area
  • Using fans or freestanding ACs in the interim
  • Being ready to assess the unit’s performance as it’s tested

From the time we arrive until the moment your AC is set up and ready to go, we’ll keep you informed and updated with what we’re doing. Your system and your satisfaction are our top priorities, and it’s always a warm experience when you work with Cold Factor.

The Importance of AC Service in Lewisville

We’ve talked about getting a new AC to avoid repairs or unexpected breakdowns. But even the most robust system will need servicing in order to keep it functioning at an optimal level.

This is another benefit of hiring professional AC companies in Lewisville TX for the installation. First, you know it’s done properly. This ensures that any future issues you do have won’t be the result of incorrect setups or a lack of proper testing.

But the other perk is that this company can function as your long-term provider of AC service in Lewisville, allowing you to get as much value, life, savings, and cool air as possible from your new setup.

Call Us for AC Installation in Lewisville

If there are two things we care about, it’s serving the wonderful people of Lewisville and helping them beat the heat with the perfect cooling setup.

Our combination of top-quality hardware from industry leaders and an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the best choice to set up your new AC.

We only employ technicians who are skillful at installing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing all of today’s major brands. There are also other benefits of working with our company, such as:

  • We offer periodic specials
  • We provide smart home automation services
  • We are constantly studying and learning new technology

With Cold Factor, you’re getting more than AC services. You’re getting a tech-focused partner you can count on for home improvement and cost savings across a wide variety of needs and applications. Let’s start with setting you up a new cooling system that will make peak temperature season a breeze to enjoy.

New AC installation in Lewisville could be the key factor in better summer comfort – so let Cold Factor start you with a free estimate when you contact us today.


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