7 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor in Carrollton

When calling around for service, keep these seven questions in mind to ask your HVAC contractor in Carrollton.

Extreme temperatures in Carrollton are not uncommon but they can still be life-threatening. In fact, cold weather has been linked to an increase in the mortality risk of people who live in Texas. One way to combat these statistics is to ensure you have a properly functioning HVAC system to protect you from heat waves or cold waves. If your heater or AC is on the fritz, don’t hesitate to call a repair professional.

When calling around, keep these seven questions in mind to ask your HVAC contractor in Carrollton.

1.  What’s Plaguing My Current HVAC System?

The best way to know the level of service you’re getting is to determine how credible and trustworthy the HVAC contractor is. Over the phone, a reputable contractor should ask about the HVAC issues you’re encountering first, along with the age of the unit. Only then can they give you insight into what may be plaguing your unit. Make sure they take the time to answer all your questions in terms that are easy to understand.

If anyone tells you that you need a whole new unit over the phone without troubleshooting the issues first, consider it a red flag.

2.  What HVAC Brands Do You Carry, Install or Recommend?

The SEER rating is a helpful feature when contemplating which unit to get. It stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and it rates the AC’s cooling capacity compared with its power input. The higher the SEER is, the greater the efficiency. Ask the contractor which brands they carry and install, then do your research on each.

3.  Can You Provide Your HVAC Contractor’s License?

If they can’t, look elsewhere. The type of license (Class A or B) will dictate the kind of HVAC job the professional can perform. Licenses aren’t just required by law in Texas, they also provide proof of a contractor’s competence and skill. They need to fulfill many educational and certification requirements before they can receive their license.

Always ask for a copy of their license, and make sure it is valid. In Texas, contractor licenses are good for one year. Then they have to be renewed.

4.  Do You Have Liability Insurance?

All HVAC contractors should have commercial general liability insurance, but the type of license they carry will determine how much coverage they will have. Instead of just asking if they carry insurance, ask about the details. Make sure they are state-authorized to provide liability insurance. Follow up with the insurance company to confirm coverage just to cover all your bases.

5.  Who Can I Expect to Install My New HVAC System?

HVAC installers will have to measure the house’s total cooling and heating space, which will help them choose a properly-sized HVAC unit. Proper sizing will give you the most from your HVAC unit. Sadly, many HVAC systems aren’t installed properly. Always ask your HVAC contractor who will actually perform the installation. Make sure they are trained and certified technicians who can visit your home first for a comprehensive assessment and inspection.

6.  What’s Included in the Project Quote?

An HVAC contractor should be able to let you know the details of the quote they have given you. As part of this, they should let you know about any warranty or guarantee exclusions. Make sure all project quotes are in writing and make sure you understand all terms. Ask questions to clarify. Once you sign it and agree to work, you are committed.

7.     How Soon Can You Begin?

Temperature extremes can be deadly, so don’t waste time in getting your new HVAC system installed. You’ll want to choose a contractor who can set up your unit as soon as possible. If your unit is completely broken, they should be able to get to your home within 24 hours for service.

Hiring the right contractor for the job will  depend on the answers you get to the above questions. Don’t skip this step because your lack of research could come back to haunt you later.

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