5 Signs You Need a Central AC Replacement

Summer’s here and your central AC is likely cranking full blast. The last thing you want is for your system to call it quits during the dog days of summer, which is why it’s important to be on the lookout for the signs of replacement so you can act quickly if this does happen to you. 

Being able to promptly diagnose and fix a central AC issue by a qualified technician is critical. Be sure to call a trusted AC repair professional in Lewisville if you notice any of the following signs that you need a central AC replacement. 

1. Old Age

First and foremost, if your AC is old, it’s at a higher risk of breaking down. Keep an eye on how many years you have owned the unit. Did you know the average life expectancy of an AC system is 15 years? However, many systems start to decline around the 10-year mark due to lack of maintenance and care. 

Look for an HVAC company that offers regular preventative maintenance programs as part of their offerings. By engaging in regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your unit so you don’t have to replace it before you should. 

2. Rising Energy Bills

If you’re noticing your energy bills are climbing but you don’t see any obvious reason why, your failing AC unit could be to blame. Tired of shelling out more and more money to cool your house in summer? You’re probably better off upgrading to a more energy efficient unit. You’ll spend less because the unit won’t have to work as hard to keep a consistent comfort level. 

Take a look back at your past energy bills and see if you can see a trend of slowly rising energy bills. If your cooling needs haven’t changed yet your bills are still increasing, consider replacing your central AC. Yes, you’ll spend more initially, but you’ll enjoy lower energy bills all year long. 

3. Expensive and Frequent Repairs

If you keep having to call a technician to repair your unit, and always seem to have the same problems, it’s time for a replacement. You’re spending much more on expensive repairs than if you were to just buy a whole new unit. Plus, with a new unit, you won’t be inconvenienced every time your AC has a problem and you have to wait for an HVAC technician to come around and fix it.

Even small repairs add up over time, and unreliable units are just not worth the financial hardship. 

4. Weird Noises

Is your unit making excessive or strange noises? If you hear grating, grinding, rattling or whining, this could indicate damage to internal components, says Bob Vila. You may only need a repair or parts replacement, but you won’t know till you call a technician. Don’t ignore weird sounds coming from your unit. They are a sign that something’s not right. Your central AC should run relatively quietly. 

5. Unusual Patterns 

Central ACs operate on a cycle, running for a specific period of time, then resting for a specific period of time. If you find that your system doesn’t rest very often, or if it’s constantly cycling on and off, you may have an incorrectly-sized or excessively-stressed out unit. This can result in a reduction in your comfort level as well as inexplicably high energy bills. 

Have you been experiencing any of the above issues? They’re all common, so don’t worry. Sometimes it just takes a little troubleshooting to find the source of the matter. Your local Lewisville HVAC tech can get to the bottom of the issue and let you know if you need a simple repair or parts replacement, or if you need a total unit replacement.

Just don’t ignore the above signs. If you let these issues go, they can worsen and lead to expensive repair bills and the need for premature replacement at a great cost to you. 

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Here at Cold Factor, we offer a variety of central AC repair and replacement services. Give us a call at (469) 535-6530 to book an appointment or ask us a question, or you can always request an appointment online. We also offer maintenance programs that can ensure your central AC unit is well taken care of all year long. Check us out for the best manufacturers and specials


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